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With the advancements of pet nutrition, antibiotics, and sophisticated surgery, the average pet lifespan has had an exponential growth. However, with the longevity comes many age related problems, such as kidney, liver and urine tract diseases. These diseases are often discovered in the late stages since their initial symptoms are very subtle. For example, the early symptoms of kidney diseases are an increase in thirst and urine production, difficult for even the most observant owners to notice. The symptoms of liver diseases are also very subtle, the most common being jaundice, a yellow tinge on the eyes, gums and ears. By the time a proper diagnosis is made and more urgent symptoms such as, vomiting, diarrhea, and severe weight loss appear, it is often too late.

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Most pets enter the aging period at around 7 years old, and their health begins to deteriorate, the World Veterinary Association strongly recommends owners of aging pets to conduct health checks every 6 months. And depending on the health conditions of the pet, veterinarians may suggest more frequent health checks for those with chronic diseases. However, scheduling a health check at the vet is not just a hassle, it can cost a fortune! But a reliable urine test, such as Petgeia, can discover diseases at an early stage, saving expensive doctor visits and your pet’s health.