Frequently Asked Questions

Because Petgeia uses the same test strips that veterinarians use, the accuracy of the results are similar to those obtained at a vet office. Please keep in mind though that Petgeia is not intended for diagnosis use, as it is a screening kit. If you have any questions or concerns about your results, please consult with your vet.

Yes! Our test strip works with both cat and dog urine, as well as other vertebrate urine (i.e., rabbit, tortoise etc.). However, the abnormal range of test result might be a slightly different with dog/cat urine.

Keep your dog on a leash, and be alert and ready for when they will urinate. When they begin to urinate, quickly slip a fresh container into the urine stream to catch a sample.

For indoor cats either replace litter in the tray with non-absorbent kitty litter (available at the vet clinic or online shop), cut up straws or a plastic bag cut into strips. Some cats will urinate with no kitty litter in their litter tray at all. Other cats will allow you to collect their urine by placing the lid of the yellow lidded urine collection jar under them when they are urinating.

Each pack has two foil pouch with single testing strip along with the other items included.

It is recommended to collect the first urine of the day (in the morning), or two hours after a daytime meal.

The urine strip we use in Petgeia is the same strip used by veterinarians. It tests for certain parameters present in the urine that can give insights into your pet’s overall health. These parameters include Leukocytes, Nitrite, Urobilinogen, Protein, pH, Blood, Specific Gravity, Ketones, Bilirubin and Glucose. For more information on these parameters, please visit PetEducation.com.

Petgeia can be used for at-home health checks, and/or to aid the diagnosis and monitoring of metabolic or systemic diseases that affect kidney function, endocrine, and urinary tract diseases or disorders.

Unopened test kits have a shelf-life of ~24 months.

Petgeia tests for ten parameters (Leukocytes, Nitrite, Urobilinogen, Protein, pH, Blood, Specific Gravity, Ketones, Bilirubin and Glucose) and is meant to be a method to screen your pet’s overall health. The Disease Specific Tests are specific to chronic conditions and are used more by pet parents who are monitoring these health conditions in their pets.

Since the test strip is time sensitive (colors continue to develop over time), it is meant to be read at 60 seconds after the strip comes in contact with the urine.

By using Petgeia, you can better understand the overall health of your pet. Because many conditions do not have obvious signs, you may not know that your pet is suffering of a potentially life altering condition. By using Petgeia, you can catch a condition before it’s too late.

Petgeia should not replace a visit to your vet, or annual routine visits. Petgeia is ideal for in-between routine visits, or, for pet owners that require frequent urine collection by their vet.

Absolutely! Petgeia is ideal if your pet just finished a treatment cycle and you want to make sure the medicine worked. We realize going to the vet can be stressful, especially twice in a short period of time. However, follow ups should not be neglected.  We highly recommend using a kit to ensure you dogs illness has been treated sufficiently.

 Dip the strip in the collected urine sample for 2 seconds to ensure urine is absorbed into the parameter pads.

Please call your veterinarian to schedule an appointment to learn more. We also suggest bringing them the sample you collected.

Your kit includes two identical testing strips. Please conduct the test again using the second strip.

Yes. Petgeia is ideal if you have to monitor your pet’s health regularly through urine. This is common for pets suffering from Diabetes and Kidney Conditions.

Because the colors on the testing strip continuously change, we recommend to circle the color that is present on the card at the designated reading time. We also recommend detaching the car prior to reading results in order to place the strip next to the color scale, making color reference easy.

This is single-use easily disposable diagnostic kit, and should be disposed of after a single urine sample has been collected.

Yes, Petgeia is extremely ethical because it is noninvasive, this product maintains the highest possible standards of animal welfare.